Living in the Greys

There is black, there is white, n then there is this enchanting Grey that keeps shifting its shades. It appears pretty later in life. When we are little, we get very well defined classifications of black n white from our parents in everything we do. There is seldom an in-between action that isn’t categorized as right or wrong. This classification of our values n beliefs has deeper roots than just our parents, it comes from our culture, and most importantly our religion. Having some blacks n whites in life is important, it keeps you sane, n everyone needs some core values to live by, to make sure they don’t end up being someone they aren’t proud to be. But in many cases, the grays are where the tolerance lies. As we grow up, these greys become very important in our interactions. Because every person has their own gray-scale, their own perspective by which they judge everything. A lot of areas in life are subjective, n most people fail to recognize that because the need to perfectly label everything is so deep rooted in their systems, that they have to classify everything to maintain their sanity. This all or nothing mindset  stops you from enabling your mind to broaden your perspective, to maybe give someone a chance to convince you to tweak your gray-scale a bit. You cannot live life fully by blacks n whites, because you are not alone in this world. And this precisely makes it very important to be able to view the world and the people in it in shades of gray. Everything is not a forbidden sin, and not all good deeds will land you straight in heaven. Stay close to your blacks n whites, but do not make your life so difficult that you forget to live and enjoy it. Cut yourself some slack. Tolerance is not only needed with others, but it is needed with one’s own self as well. Do the best you can with what you have, let giving it your best shot, or being as good a person as you can be, be your white, and maybe it’ll make your life a bit easier.


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