A Few Ticks of Time

I don’t know since when, but we constantly remain in a state of waiting, of yearning for something. we are all in a hurry. we seems to have always been. In a hurry to grow up, to get your degree completed, to finish doing the dishes, to marrying off your children. but in all this, something’s get lost, something that cannot be recovered. It becomes so hard to stay in the moment as we grow up, our mind always seems to be hopping ten steps ahead, pushing us, making us anxious and unable to be fully present in anything. You wait for an event to occur, and when it happens, you seldom stop for a moment to enjoy it, you just move on to your next worry, your next occupation. . but somewhere sometimes in delightful company or unruffled loneliness, there is a moment of such painful awareness, that it occupies you completely, the past n future fade out. there is so much of life trapped in that very moment. it is so human. it is in these moments that you realize what you are now, and what pieces of you have died, n it brings with it an intertwining feeling of sorrow and elation. life goes on cruising from its dusky morning to its crimson sunset, but as the silver adorns your hair, and experience leaves your face with its definite marks, it is these moments that you will remember, and live by.


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