Words that Matter

I read my newsfeed. all of it. the quotes, the sad shares, ahadees everything. and i have realized that the impact of words has dimmed considerably. maybe because we share too much now. too many pictures, too many quotes, too often our sadness. though it makes us vulnerable but everyone needs a vent in this very busy world(but try not to send out a vibe that you need therapy 😛 ). what worries me is that it leads to us not bothering too much. if in real life a friend of mine constantly shared depressed or sad thoughts with me i would be seriously concerned and do something about it, maybe even call up her parents to tell em their kid is having suicidal tendencies :P. an inspirational thought from a friend would make me think for hours, trying to benefit my life from her wisdom. i would normally not question the authenticity of an ahadees when shared by an acquantaince. but on social media it is different, we dont take words seriously because they have been shared carelessly. people usually dont really believe or mean what they share, so it rarely determines their actual state of being. having said that, i miss my friends 🙂 because having them on facebook is such a poor replacement. i miss being a part of their lives, i miss knowing that they are there whenever i need them and vice versa. because it is true, friends keep you young 🙂 i wish i could connect with them in a more meaningful way instead of just knowing the milestones in their lives.


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