My daily dose of happiness – Sophia

*to all the new moms with love and sympathy*

The first time i met her, she was in a bad mood. and i was ready, ready to be struck, or rather be run over by powerful motherly love and that kind of stuff. what did i feel? relief, thank god its over, and ofcourse some guilt for feeling this way :Panyways, newborns are not super cute, they dont really get cute before 3 months, till then they are just lil round things that are capable of producing high pitch sounds and unimaginable amounts of poop šŸ™‚ yes, that does not disgust me anymore šŸ˜€ there is a reason why i have heaven under my feet šŸ˜› having heaven under your feet but not going to heaven, ironic..rather sad šŸ˜› . but if you just get over the first few weeks, it starts happening šŸ™‚ that wonderful feeling of motherhood, when every particle of your body starts gravitating towards that lil babbling thing with fierce love and protection. every time you see your baby smile, you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside, as mentioned by one of my friends, the only way to pure happiness in adulthood is to have a child. remember that pure happiness you felt when you were a kid, the kind of happiness that had no why’s how’s or if’s. thats the kind you feel when you see your little one smile, or roll over for the first time, or say the magic word ma-ma šŸ™‚ its a beautiful feeling, one of the few perks of being a woman :)there are other benefits of babies too. for example they are a great substitute for alarm clocks, just imagine, they wake up at certain times for their feeds, and start screaming like crazy, you cant turn em off, cant snooze em, and you are biologically engineered so that you cant ignore their crying šŸ˜€ *find the silver lining my friend*


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