Love – the kind that stays

There are some ideas that you had as a child or teenager that you remember for the rest of your life. Sometimes because of their sheer simplicity but mostly because they were plain stupid, and they helped you recognize the real stuff in life later. love for me was one of them. I remember thinking of love as a raging rebellious feeling that stops at nothing, that precedes all your relationships and beliefs, that tells you nothing else matters; Love that is all passion and no sense. The spontaneous love that we all so wanted to be in, that we so wanted to  feel. I know now that love is anything but this. Love is resilient and endearing, it does not harm anyone on its path, it spreads warmth and heals hearts.  It helps you grow, empowers you, sets you free. it strengthens your beliefs and your bonds with other people. it does not keep score. it is something that is tested with time. Love, overall, takes a lot of hard work to stay in. Getting married is not where your love story ends, its where it begins. love effects every second of your life, makes you appreciate a bright day, a kind act, little joys, and your own self. It isnt love, if it does not make you a better person.


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